Science that changes religions. With no biasness!

Any time a writer sees the phrase “everything we thought we knew about X is also incorrect” , it sets off bullshit alarms. Having X be some major conclusion of physics makes the alarms even louder. Saying both religions and textbooks will need revising, well…

For the first time in history, “The Principle” (documentary) finds scientific evidence that The Copernican Principle is incorrect and suggests that everything we thought we knew about the universe is also incorrect. The film has already been a huge topic of a controversy in Universities around the globe, though this is the first time any formal press has been released.

It is important to note that our film conveys no biasness at all.  We simply reveal groundbreaking research.

Could 500 Years of Science Be Wrong!?

The Most Heated Debate of The Century Enters Theatres

Considered to be the most controversial film of the year, Stellar Motion Pictures announces the theatrical release of “The Principle”.  For the first time ever, this film reveals scientific evidence that proves the five-hundred-year-old “Copernican Principle” is wrong. 

If The Copernican Principle is wrong then everything we think we know about the Universe is also disturbingly wrong.  What this means is, every religion, science textbook, and philosophical viewpoint will be forced to reposition their belief system to admit that the Earth is in fact: The Center of The Universe.

PROVEN BY SCIENCE: how to get a drink

It’s pretty bad when a science uses sloppy language like “scientifically proven to help get you a drink.” But worse that the company that hosts the blog is attempting to get more serious blogs to give the sloppiness more prominence.

There you are—waiting at the bar, dying for a drink, but you can’t seem to catch the bartender’s attention. What’s your next move? Wait patiently? (Yeah, right.) Panic? Forget the drink and just pretend to your date that you’re way drunker than you actually are?

Well, lucky for you, Discover magazine’s Seriously Science? blog reports today on a technique that is scientifically proven to help you get a drink. All you do is this: Yell “BEER ME! NOW!” as loudly as you can while pointing your finger at the bartender.

No, just kidding. Don’t do that. (Though it might actually work in some cases.)

But seriously, here’s what you do:
Step 1) Position yourself directly at the bar counter.
Step 2) Look at a staff member.
Step 3) Receive your drink and enjoy!

For more info on the study, you can read the Discover blog post.

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Cancer? You need “natural health”

The noted science writer who received this expressed intense frustration that there’s a TV show that will attempt to convince people that the best response to breast cancer or near-death experiences is “natural health.” Especially since that seems to involve little more than cooking and martial arts.



Los Angeles, Calif. (December 16, 2013) – Gwyneth Paltrow and Tracy Anderson’s new series THE RESTART PROJECT premieres today on AOL On Originals.  The 10- episode documentary series is produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions and presented by Kaplan University.

The series follows Academy Award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow and fitness expert Tracy Anderson as they spend time with women who’ve overcome hardship, injury, and setbacks to triumph in the face of adversity. Each episode one woman will share her inspiring story firsthand, whether fighting back from a career-ending injury or transforming their lives and bodies through diet and exercise.

The brave women found in the series have suffered through such obstacles as losing a child, a breast cancer diagnosis, surviving a near-death experience and more but all have found peace and resolution through natural healing such as martial arts, competitive running and healthy cooking.

For a small fee, we’ll give you a get-out-of-jail free card

Normally, us reporter types get PR from companies trying to use us to help make themselves some money. Almost always, it’s going to be other people’s money. In this case, a noted editor and author got one from someone who wanted her money. In return, she’d get a card that would officially confirm she was, in fact, a journalist.

WireNews+Co offers an International Press Card/Pass to registered journalists. Our press card is both recognised and accepted by literally thousands of International organisations. Our members have been able to prevent arrest and otherwise establish their credentials as a journalist simply by presenting the WireNews+Co press card.

The programme makes available a plastic laminated membership and press card/pass, with the journalist’s photo and relevant details on the face and their signature on the reverse.

International Press Cards/Passes, issued on payment of the annual fee, are available to all journalists, including reporters, editors, photo-journalists and online publishers and/or bloggers who have registered with WireNews+Co.


Come to Coventry, see the bouncy castle

For reasons that are beyond comprehension, this was addressed by name to someone who cannot recall ever having covered bouncy castles even once during their career. 

I am very pleased to confirm our attendance at the Leisure Supplies Show on the 4th and 5th of March 2014 at Sports Connexion Coventry. We really feel this is a show not to be missed. Indoor and Outdoor Leisure Ltd will be having our biggest ever show space with products on display from all three of our websites

Natural products that say danger

A long list of natural products with properties that sound so miraculous that it’s a wonder that the organisms that produce them ever die. Obviously, it was sent to a science writer who is quite naturally skeptical of these sorts of hyped claims.

Dear Sir /Madam:


Revolutionary Natural Supplement to support your Immune System!

Laboratory tests have shown that squid ink is an Angiogenesis inhibitor

Research is finding that Squid Ink can be the most potent ingredient in helping to better a weak immune system.  New studies show Black squid ink is one of the most powerful antioxidants known, containing essential minerals like Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, & Selenium and also rich in protein. Squid ink is also an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folic acid and fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. All these vitamins are vital for maintaining, boosting, & promoting a healthy immune system.
Black Squid Ink has more antioxidants than Blueberries, but with less sugar and more fiber & vitamin E. Based on current information, present lab research shows the potential protective effect of squid ink, is remarkable and researchers are also working on developing a clinical application.

The pitch continues at length about a number of other natural products that sound just as miraculous as squid ink before wrapping up with:

Yours in Health,

Calamari Ink

Non-science meets non-science

Some clever individual thought it might be funny to put a science writer on the mailing list for the Southern Evangelical Seminary, home of one of the leaders of the intelligent design movement. The regularly bombard me with things that are badly off target, but few so far amiss as this one.

Southern Evangelical Seminary Conference Speaker Dr. Craig Mitchell Discusses Why Christians Should Care About Economics

SES Says It is Important That Christians Are Equipped to Answer Questions About the Morality and Science of Economics

CHARLOTTE, N.C.— Why should Christians care about economics? Are there moral or biblical principles related to economics?  Furthermore, why is it important to contemplate whether or not economics is a science?  The answers lie within what Dr. Craig Mitchell, a world-renowned economic apologist and speaker this past October at Southern Evangelical Seminary’s (SES, 2013 National Conference on Christian Apologetics, has studied, researched, written and presented in his lectures.

Dr. Mitchell points out that what we call science today used to be known as “natural philosophy.”  The social sciences all began under the field of moral theology and moral philosophy, and economics, law and politics – the social sciences – were all sub-disciplines under the philosophical and theological fields.  As such, all of the first economists included a view of the nature of man, morality and God in their systems. While economics is the most scientific of the social sciences, it is not a science like physics.  More and more economists are beginning to realize that you cannot divorce morality from economics, law and politics. They also realize that you cannot separate these disciplines from each other.

Mitchell comments, “Despite all of the mathematics in contemporary economics, there is no getting away from the fact that it is still moral philosophy. Consequently, every economic decision is value laden.  A good economic decision reflects the use of phronesis (or practical wisdom), which is both a moral and intellectual virtue. The man of character is one who normally acts in accordance with virtue. Consequently, one who is a good man will generally not allow himself to make many bad economic decisions.

“The man of character will normally be influenced by virtue of the moral, intellectual or political type. The Christian is guided by the theological virtues of Christian faith, Christian hope and Christian love…”

Aristotle argued that a government’s expenditures should be less than its revenue. He understood that debt was an evil that should not be undertaken lightly, especially by governments. Adam Smith, who was also a moral philosopher argued that government should only spend money on three things; national defense (the first duty of a sovereign), a legal/ judicial system, and public works. Thomas Jefferson and the other founding fathers of the United States would agree with both Aristotle and Adam Smith.

Dr. Richard Land, president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary stated, “Apologetics – or defending one’s faith – is one method of evangelism. Economic apologetics, which employs logic and rationality combined with the tenets of the Christian faith, is necessary as a method to reach a group of individuals who have a way of intellectually thinking that may preclude them from being open to a higher authority when it comes to something as worldly as money and the economy.  In light of the current state of our economy and in light of the division among fiscal and social conservatives, now is the time that Christians must be equipped to be able to discuss why these fiscal and social precepts are intertwined and should not be separated, either in practice or in sound thinking.  Therefore, it is also imperative that Christians are practicing the biblical principles of economics so that their witness has substance.”

Craig Vincent Mitchell, PhD is Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) where he also serves as director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement. In addition, Dr. Mitchell is also a Research Fellow for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention and he serves as a part-time lecturer in economics at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Dr. Mitchell has completed seven degrees. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electronic engineering technology/ mathematics from Savannah State University and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. In addition, Dr. Mitchell holds master’s degrees in engineering management and information systems, both from West Coast University, and a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern. In 2011 he completed a Master of Arts degree in economics from the University of Texas at Arlington. Dr. Mitchell holds a PhD in Christian ethics and philosophy of religion from Southwestern and is the author of two books: Charts of Christian Ethics and Charts of Philosophy and Philosophers, both published by Zondervan.

PR goes to the dogs. Or comes from them. Or something.

It’s not so much the spirit behind this — helping owners find their lost pets seems like a great idea — as the idea of doing so by giving your pet a website and tag that’s “personalized to fit your pet’s stylish needs”. Also, the whole “why not send this to someone who doesn’t ever write about pets?” thing.
Hi [redacted]!
Dog Tag Art has created the first ever “Virtual Leash” which allows you to maintain a unique website (a.k.a. online profile) for your pet with unlimited emergency contacts that can be instantly notified. The website can send you, and your emergency contacts, messages through email, Twitter, text message and voice mail when your pet is found. Virtual Leash also uses Google Maps to show potential finders a safe place for your pet. You can change this address easily and at anytime.
Your pet’s unique website is printed on a tag, (along with your phone number), that can be personalized to fit your pet’s stylish needs. Your pet’s website can be updated as you move, travel or even when they are at a pet sitters for the weekend.  Would you like samples of any of their fabulous customizable pet tags or more info on Virtual Leash for a possible feature? Release and images are below and be sure to check out their website.

A PR pitch that will leave you needing a drink

It’s a deep recursion into the blogosphere. Sent to the science editor of a news and culture blog, asking for publicity for a story at a science blog site. All about a “scientifically proven” method of getting a bartender’s attention.

Hi [redacted]-

There you are—waiting at the bar, dying for a drink, but you can’t seem to catch the bartender’s attention. What’s your next move? Wait patiently? (Yeah, right.) Panic? Forget the drink and just pretend to your date that you’re way drunker than you actually are?

Well, lucky for you, Discover magazine’s Seriously Science? blog reports today on a technique that is scientifically proven to help you get a drink. All you do is this: Yell “BEER ME! NOW!” as loudly as you can while pointing your finger at the bartender.

No, just kidding. Don’t do that. (Though it might actually work in some cases.)

But seriously, here’s what you do:
Step 1) Position yourself directly at the bar counter.
Step 2) Look at a staff member.
Step 3) Receive your drink and enjoy!

For more info on the study, you can read the Discover blog post here:

[link removed]

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Thanks for your time. I hope these tips help you have a great (thirsty) Thursday!

A tortured pitch for torture-free holidays

For starters, we’d be badly remiss if we didn’t include the image that was plastered across the top of this pitch:



With that out of the way, the pitch itself had a great opening line for its recipient, a science writer who doesn’t actually have a show:


The guest, naturally, wasn’t going to talk about science at all.

Happy Torture-Free Holidays!
The Top 5 Ways We Torture Ourselves at the Holidays and
The Simple Ways Not To
The Answers to Finding More Peace, Ease and Genuine Joy at Holiday Times!
Sue Elliott, Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Law of Attraction Magazine and Creator of “Heartfelt Holidays”

Dear [redacted],

Why do we feel so depressed, anxious, fearful, irritated and upset from Thanksgiving to New Year’s? It’s not always the annoying relatives and pressures to meet end-of-year deadlines at work. In fact, our unhappiness seldom comes from outside… Most often what makes us craziest at the holidays is OURSELVES.
Sue Elliott, the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Law of Attraction Magazine and a leading transformation and power activator coach, says there are five key ways that we torture ourselves at the holidays!
Mastering these are the first steps in making your holidays the joy they were intended to be, and relaxing into peace, ease and fun. Your listeners will learn to watch for these hot buttons, and Sue will offer the shifts they need to make in their attitude in order to regain their equanimity and joy.

Torture #1: Comparing our real families – and the memories of holidays with them – with the “perfect” families we’ve seen in movies and on TV.
Torture #2: Beating ourselves up over gaining weight at the holidays.
Torture #3: Keeping score in gift-giving.
Torture #4: Getting upset every time we have to stand in line.
Torture #5: Trying to buy the “perfect” gifts for people.

And the pitch wrapped up with perhaps the finest closing I’ve yet to see from any PR.

Happy Torture-Free Holidays