Keep typing despite explosions near your laptop

A PR pitch sent to a science writer:

Larson Electronics Releases New Portable Explosion Proof Power Supply

Long time leading supplier of industrial lighting equipment Larson Electronics has announced the release of a portable power supply designed to provide a versatile and convenient source of power for running low voltage lighting equipment in hazardous locations. The EPL-RPS-70A explosion proof power supply features 4 receptacles, 70ah AGM battery, and can run four 12 volt lamps for up to 21 hours.

The EPL-RPS-70A explosion proof power supply from Larson Electronics gives operators in hazardous locations the ability to run low voltage 12 or 24 VDC lamps without the need for an external power source. This portable power supply offers a host of features including four 20 amp explosion proof receptacles, a 70 amp hour AGM battery for long operating times, and a wheeled cart for easy maneuvering around the work space. This rechargeable power supply can be charged from standard 120 volt outlets or explosion proof outlets, and when paired with Larson Electronics’ EHL-LED explosion proof LED hand lamp, can run four lamps for up to 21 hours on a single charge. The four receptacles on this unit are explosion proof twist lock designs rated at 20 amps and accept Larson Electronics own EPP-15A or EPP-20 plugs or Crouse Hind™ ENP general purpose plugs. The battery is a 70 amp hour unit and included charger/maintainer systems allow easy recharging from standard 120 VAC power sources. Also included is 25 feet of SOOW cord ending in a 1523 explosion proof plug to allow easy connection for recharging. The cart is constructed of non sparking aluminum for light weight and safety and features an easy push handle and solid wheels for maneuvering the unit from one area to another. Side brackets on each side of the cart provide a convenient place for hanging and storing hand lamps and their cords. This explosion proof power supply is Class 1 Division 1 approved and is an ideal solution for operators who must work within hazardous locations where normal sources of power such as outlets or extension cords are either unavailable or impractical.


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