More baggage, less care

This one seems to have been sent to every single writer of a site that is neither travel nor luggage focused.

Hey [redacted]!

I wanted to touch base with you and see if you would be interested in doing featuring my client LugLess in any features you are working on?! Recently featured on “Shark Tank”, Brian Altomare is the founder of LugLess…. a lifestyle luggage shipping service that sends luggage ahead of time to wherever a traveler is going. This timely service lets travelers bypass airline baggage fees, check in lines, breeze through security, and avoid baggage claim and lost luggage. Brian was recently featured on Bloomberg TV, FOX News Radio, ABC- San Francisco and CW- San Diego. Brian could discuss holiday travel tips for your readers, which would make a timely and interesting feature. Let me know if you are interested….. would love to set this up!

Press release and images below.

Some choice phrases from the tagline of the PR agency that appeared below the release:  “an “out of the box” PR company”  that claims to use “an innovative approach to PR” using a “revolutionary automated system [that] is changing the face of PR.” If so, it’s changing that face for the worse.

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