One that has everything (including pants)

This one seems to hit every single aspect of bad PR: off-target topic, questionable information, a Kickstarter campaign,  and an offer of a guest blog post from someone who would benefit from the publicity—sent to an organization that doesn’t do guest blog posts. A truly all-encompassing effort.

[redacted] —

I’m writing to suggest a fun, story idea for [a prestigious international publication] based on timely survey data: “What are your pants communicating about you on a first date?”

My name is Cody Pittman, and I’m a publicist for Barley & Britches and their Everyday Chinos.

Do women actually judge you on a first date based on the pants that you wear to the bar or the restaurant?  To answer this question, we conducted a survey representative of 1,300 respondents.

Some interesting findings on men and their “first date pants” include:

* If you want women to think you’re rich, responsible and a perfect long term partner, wear khaki colored pants.
* If you want to seem like a wild, adventurous, offbeat, or creative date, wear colorful pants like dark red or bright blue – but you also run the risk of being seen like just a hookup.
* If you want ladies to think you like the finer things in life, wear dark but still colorful pants – such as dark purple.
* Wearing green pants will communicate that you’re a world traveler – but that you also may live with your parents.

To make dating fashion easier, Sim has created The EveryDay Chino, a premium pant that fits your lifestyle and wallet at $38, comes in 5 great colors, and is delivered straight from the manufacturer.

The Chinos go live on Kickstarter this upcoming Thursday, November 21. A preview of the page is available here (for your eyes only):

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I can help arrange an interview on this topic with Sim Gulati about how to make the best first impression with your pants on the first date. He is available for , email and phone or Skype interviews Friday (Nov. 22) and next week (November 25-29).

If you’re interested in a guest blog post from Sim, let me know as well.

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