Protection racket

A helpful reader (who happens to be the science editor at a major online publication) writes: “Not sure if batshit crazy PR counts.” Yes! It most certainly does. And this one tips the crazy scales because it’s about a product that proudly protects people from a risk that most studies indicate doesn’t actually exist.

Hi [redacted],

Of the estimated six billion cell phone users around the world, few are aware of the potential health dangers posed by the radiation emitted from their devices.

Due to the growing number of people using mobile devices, Green Swan announced the launch of The Cell Spacer™, a device that puts distance between a mobile phone user’s head and headset.  The Cell Spacer will help people use their mobile phones in a safe and healthy way.

If you are interested in sharing this with your readers, I am more than happy to provide you with a sample of The Cell Spacer or connect you with experts on the topic. Green Swan Founder and CEO Harry Lehmann, and/or Olle Johansson, Ph.D. at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute in the Department of Neuroscience are available for interviews at your earliest convenience.

More information can be seen in the release below.

[Links removed above because, really, we don’t want to be giving these people any more attention than we already are.]

As our submitter is unquestionably aware, a few studies have found tenuous links between cell phone use and various cancers, but these have not held up in larger, more rigorous studies. And there is no biologically plausible mechanism by which the radiation these phones emit can damage DNA. Nevertheless, the attached release quotes the PhD mentioned above as saying the dangers are so high that “To not act today would be deemed ethically and morally completely corrupt in the future.

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