I’d take a bullet for all of my personalities

Sent to, of all people, a freelancer (meaning someone who is their own boss) who focuses on science and medical issues. Don’t miss the last paragraph for information that would obviously be essential for covering this story.

Would you take a bullet for your boss?

[PRESSWIRE] United Kingdom – 25.11.2013 — That was the questions asked, in a recent online survey conducted on behalf of bodyguard.ws, in which more than 1,100 people took part.

Over 70% of the participants replied “No”, that they would not stand between someone with a gun, and their boss. David Simmonds, a close-protection officer, creator of the website bodyguard.ws, doesn’t see this as a surprise, and urges people to spare a thought for the bodyguards who protect the “rich and famous”.

Simmonds states that being a bodyguard “is an incredibly hard job and a massive responsibility”. Would he take a bullet for his client? “Yes, of course, after all this is what I am getting paid for, although bullet-catching is absolutely the last resort”. As an instructor in conflict management and physical intervention, Simmonds always tries to utilise these skills first.

Notes to Editors:

About David Simmonds

Former soldier, and then Police Officer, David Simmonds is keen to point out the benefits of an Independent Close Protection Officer. Being independent involves making one’s own decision on what assignments one takes. This is a very effective practice, when it comes to clients with very fast-pace schedules, when decisions have to make instantly, without the need to refer back to the line manager. This system is much prefered by clients too, as it always creates a good working relationship.

David recently launched his website: bodyguard.ws – although most of his work comes from word of mouth, and personal recommendations. Admittedly, he built the website himself, in a couple of hours, in a hotel room in Dubai.

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