Never trust a PR agent with an AOL email address

Contrary to rumors, most science writers don’t live on the streets, so technically we are part of the target audience that owns windows and doors. But did it really make sense to send a press release about a specific company’s doors and windows to a science writer?

News Release
Contact: Kathy Ziprik

Therma-Tru Doors and Simonton Windows Poised to Meet Consumer Needs as Housing Market Recovers

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Following more than a year of housing market recovery, Mark Savan, president of Therma-Tru Doors and Simonton Windows, sees 2014 as a year where the companies are well positioned to meet consumer needs by producing quality products in a timely manner and offering strong service at all customer levels.

“Our focus is on meeting the desires of everyone who ‘touches’ our products, from distributors to building industry professionals to homeowners,” says Savan. “For 2014 we will continue our focus on marketing and training support for professionals and on education related to product knowledge for consumers.”

Savan reports that providing a wide variety of door styles and selections is important to the end purchaser of doors. For windows, energy efficiency elements remain a critical desire because so many homeowners are continually looking for quality windows that help lower energy costs in the home.

“We feel our companies are the premier brands in their respective markets,” says Savan. “We are very confident that if we are in a customer’s consideration mindset we will ultimately be regarded as their best purchasing decision.”

It goes on, providing both the consumer and construction perspective on these windows and doors. 

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