Why me?

This, for reasons that are completely beyond my comprehension, was pitched to a science writer.


UNA Pride of Dixie Band, Drum Line Earn Highest Honors at Prestigious National Competitions

By Terry Pace
Communications and Marketing

FLORENCE, Ala. – The University of North Alabama’s nationally renowned Pride of Dixie Band program earned highest accolades and honors – including a championship trophy for its outstanding drum line – during performances last week at the Bands of America Grand National Championships and the Percussive Arts Society International Conference (PASIC) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“It was an extremely successful two days of performances by UNA band students at two of the most prestigious band-related events in the United States,” according to Dr. Lloyd Jones, UNA’s director of bands. “Not only did these valuable opportunities serve to greatly enhance the awareness and reputation of UNA on a national level, but I am confident that this experience will serve to create opportunities for other performances as well as recruitment.”

The piece goes on for quite some time about the band competition and what this win means for the students and university. The only thing I really got out of it is the fact that “percussive circles” doesn’t only mean a bunch of hippies getting together in a park, but can also mean the musical community that focuses on percussion instruments.

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