PR goes to the dogs. Or comes from them. Or something.

It’s not so much the spirit behind this — helping owners find their lost pets seems like a great idea — as the idea of doing so by giving your pet a website and tag that’s “personalized to fit your pet’s stylish needs”. Also, the whole “why not send this to someone who doesn’t ever write about pets?” thing.
Hi [redacted]!
Dog Tag Art has created the first ever “Virtual Leash” which allows you to maintain a unique website (a.k.a. online profile) for your pet with unlimited emergency contacts that can be instantly notified. The website can send you, and your emergency contacts, messages through email, Twitter, text message and voice mail when your pet is found. Virtual Leash also uses Google Maps to show potential finders a safe place for your pet. You can change this address easily and at anytime.
Your pet’s unique website is printed on a tag, (along with your phone number), that can be personalized to fit your pet’s stylish needs. Your pet’s website can be updated as you move, travel or even when they are at a pet sitters for the weekend.  Would you like samples of any of their fabulous customizable pet tags or more info on Virtual Leash for a possible feature? Release and images are below and be sure to check out their website.

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