For a small fee, we’ll give you a get-out-of-jail free card

Normally, us reporter types get PR from companies trying to use us to help make themselves some money. Almost always, it’s going to be other people’s money. In this case, a noted editor and author got one from someone who wanted her money. In return, she’d get a card that would officially confirm she was, in fact, a journalist.

WireNews+Co offers an International Press Card/Pass to registered journalists. Our press card is both recognised and accepted by literally thousands of International organisations. Our members have been able to prevent arrest and otherwise establish their credentials as a journalist simply by presenting the WireNews+Co press card.

The programme makes available a plastic laminated membership and press card/pass, with the journalist’s photo and relevant details on the face and their signature on the reverse.

International Press Cards/Passes, issued on payment of the annual fee, are available to all journalists, including reporters, editors, photo-journalists and online publishers and/or bloggers who have registered with WireNews+Co.


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