PROVEN BY SCIENCE: how to get a drink

It’s pretty bad when a science uses sloppy language like “scientifically proven to help get you a drink.” But worse that the company that hosts the blog is attempting to get more serious blogs to give the sloppiness more prominence.

There you are—waiting at the bar, dying for a drink, but you can’t seem to catch the bartender’s attention. What’s your next move? Wait patiently? (Yeah, right.) Panic? Forget the drink and just pretend to your date that you’re way drunker than you actually are?

Well, lucky for you, Discover magazine’s Seriously Science? blog reports today on a technique that is scientifically proven to help you get a drink. All you do is this: Yell “BEER ME! NOW!” as loudly as you can while pointing your finger at the bartender.

No, just kidding. Don’t do that. (Though it might actually work in some cases.)

But seriously, here’s what you do:
Step 1) Position yourself directly at the bar counter.
Step 2) Look at a staff member.
Step 3) Receive your drink and enjoy!

For more info on the study, you can read the Discover blog post.

I hope you consider sharing this news item.

Mildly edited to remove a few links to a blog post in question.

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