Science that changes religions. With no biasness!

Any time a writer sees the phrase “everything we thought we knew about X is also incorrect” , it sets off bullshit alarms. Having X be some major conclusion of physics makes the alarms even louder. Saying both religions and textbooks will need revising, well…

For the first time in history, “The Principle” (documentary) finds scientific evidence that The Copernican Principle is incorrect and suggests that everything we thought we knew about the universe is also incorrect. The film has already been a huge topic of a controversy in Universities around the globe, though this is the first time any formal press has been released.

It is important to note that our film conveys no biasness at all.  We simply reveal groundbreaking research.

Could 500 Years of Science Be Wrong!?

The Most Heated Debate of The Century Enters Theatres

Considered to be the most controversial film of the year, Stellar Motion Pictures announces the theatrical release of “The Principle”.  For the first time ever, this film reveals scientific evidence that proves the five-hundred-year-old “Copernican Principle” is wrong. 

If The Copernican Principle is wrong then everything we think we know about the Universe is also disturbingly wrong.  What this means is, every religion, science textbook, and philosophical viewpoint will be forced to reposition their belief system to admit that the Earth is in fact: The Center of The Universe.

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